ep. 57: The Dream Team – How World Champions Carve Decoys

Mario is joined by 3 of the 4 decoy carvers for Final Approach. They discuss their techniques for creating first place prize winning carvings. Grab a notepad and a block of wood and get ready to carve like the champs.

55. Professional Soccer Player & Waterfowl Hunting NUT

The FA Podcast is graced with a professional athlete in this episode. Mario is joined by a new friend of his who is a waterfowl junkie but lives a totally different lifestyle than most of us. David Bingham is a professional Soccer player for the Portland Timbers and waterfowl nut case. We talk about what his life is like playing a professional sport, then having his off-season during waterfowl season so he gets to chase birds constantly. His love for snow goose hunting started in California and has grown more and more each year. The white addiction has been rough for David as it has gone from having hundreds of snow socks, to thousands of socks and one trailer, then escalating to full body snows filled in one trailer and socks and more in another trailer. The struggle is real for a snow goose guy……………up at 3am, grinding all day with a big spread to put out and pick up, cleaning lots of birds to everything in between. David is also a hardcore dog trainer and that came from an early age with his dad who was in the dog training game a long time ago. He runs a race horse, not a duck dog! Nitro is every bit of what his name is, he is fast, long and lean and built to motor. We discuss how much time training takes up and what the results can be like once you have that fully trained and committed dog. Great fun on this podcast and a different perspective on waterfowl hunting.

54. The Secrets Of Optics For Duck Hunters

On this episode of the FA podcast Mario is joined by Tim Lesser, the Vice President of Product Development and Marketing. Tim started in the outdoor industry as a big game guide in the West and worked his way up the ladder at Leupold, the leading brand in optics in the world. Mario has known Tim for over 15 years and they have always kept in touch and hunted whenever possible. Tim and his wife Riza enjoy waterfowling when they get the chance to go so we try and get them out any time we can. Mario has always used Leupold products as the home office is only 15 minutes away from home in Oregon and he has always had friends working there that liked to duck hunt and get out in the woods. The time was perfect to strike up a partnership and make Leupold one of our Web Series Partners. This year will be the first year that you will see the famous Leupold logo on “THE LAST PASS” Web series on YouTube.

We talk about the Leupold brand, the strict quality control it has and what makes it the most successful brand in rifle scopes, binoculars, rangefinders and now protective eyewear. Tim hands off some great insight on what all those numbers mean on your binos or rifle scopes and how you can use those to pick your next pair of glass or make sure you get what you need for the job you are doing. Lots of great information about using optics in waterfowling and a few hunting stories to go with all that info. Hope you enjoy it.