Episode 41: Federal Ammunition’s 100th Anniversary

Oregon, USA – On this episode of the Final Approach Podcast we are joined by JJ Reich Senior Media Relations Manager at Federal  Ammunition. We discuss the 100th anniversary of Federal Ammunition and all the accomplishments and innovations that have come from this incredible company .  We start at the first shotshells made in Anoka MN in 1922 and how some of the original machinery and buildings are still being used.   We take a walk down memory lane going back 100 years of ground breaking products in shotshell, rifle and handgun ammunition as well as a few industry standards that are still in place today.  We also talk conservation and how important Federal has been on keeping all of us in the field chasing our passion.  Federal has also supported our law enforcement and government agencies as well as had a huge hand in helping in the war efforts. Lots of great information if you are wing shooter, gun nut or just love hunting and history.

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