Episode 46: Electronic Shooters Protection

Oregon, USA – This podcast we are joined by Jack Homa from E.S.P. or Electronic Shooters Protection. Jack spent 23 years in the Telecommunications industry, then he bought E.S.P. in 1996 and has been making hearing protection since. Jack is an end user, a hunter, and avid shooter, so we get firsthand stories and experiences from him on the products. Mario on the other hand has no background in this category except he has bought or used just about every product out there for hearing protection. We talk about all the hearing loss hunters have and the challenges that waterfowlers have with picking the right hearing protection and still being able to call, hear the birds and communicate with all their buddies while hunting. Hearing loss in shooters and hunters is no joke so do yourself a favor and take a good look at products like this and get the info you need to make a decision on what works best for you. There has been huge advancements in the technology to protect our hearing so give this episode a listen while you still have all your hearing intact.

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