Episode 49: He Made Our #1 Selling Decoy

Oregon, USA – Today we are joined by Wayne Simkin, two time World Decoy carving champion. Wayne has been a part of the Final Approach carving team since we started bringing the brand back. We talk about what got him into carving and all the details he looks at when carving birds. We enjoy his passion for carving and listening to him talk about his favorite birds to hunt and to carve. Wayne has carved our #1 selling decoy, The Last Pass Canada Goose floaters. He has also done our Last Pass Speck, Snow and Blue Floaters. He has also carved our Greenwing, Bluewing and Cinnamon Teal decoys. We even get into talking about what is new for this year from Wayne. They are the Live Honker Floaters with several different packs and poses to choose from.